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Since the year 1995, Home Design Contents Restoration has specialized in your need for emergency remediation and restoration of content damage caused by smoke, fire, water, sewage, microbial growth (including mold), asbestos, and more. Whether you are an individual, business, insurance company, or another professional remediation company, our expertly trained crews are on standby status 24/7 and will arrive on location within two hours of your call.

Due to the wide variety of contents that can be affected by a catastrophic event, the mitigation (reducing the impact), remediation (halt of deterioration), and restoration of property to pre-loss conditions range widely. Home Design has over two decades of experience with continuous training on the scientific techniques used for content restoration. This vast experience assures that we can bring back your valuable possessions when at all possible. When items are not restorable, our close work with you and your insurance company and our digital documentation procedures expedite the replacement of these items.

Content Mitigation Services

Home Design specializes in the following mitigation services:

Digital Inventory: Digitally documenting the condition of your contents as immediately affected by the event. This documentation provides proof of damage, ownership, and transfer to Home Design.

Packing and Manipulation: The specialized, and industry approved, packing of your contents; taking care to mitigate any further deterioration or damage due to inherent environmental impact.

Damage Remediation: Procedures focused upon preventing further deterioration of your contents from smoke, fire, water, sewage, microbial growth (including mold), asbestos, and more. Specialized handling of art and antiques are included under this service.

Cleaning and Sanitation: Providing full cleaning and sanitation services of textiles to furniture, and electronics to paper, Home Design is expertly trained to clean and sanitize all contents within industry standards. We work with input from your licensed hygienist to decontaminate your contents from exposure of the biological or chemical toxic and non-toxic hazards present because of the event.

Content Remediation and Restoration Services

Home Design specializes in the following content remediation and restoration:

Content Evaluation: Once further deterioration is remediated your contents are evaluated by our restoration experts who will populate a repair vs replacement evaluation for you and your insurance carrier. This report will be a key to your budgetary considerations, thus expediting the final resolution of your claim.

Storage: Once your items have been properly treated, Home Design will store your contents safely with around the clock surveillance and climate controlled storage until you are ready to receive your items for set-back.

Contents Restoration: When the “repair” option is chosen, Home Design Contents Restoration has the experience and expertise to restore your contents to pre-loss condition.

Contents Disposal: For items deemed a total loss, Home Design will (within the guidelines of the industry) dispose of these items with you and your insurance company’s express permission.

Contents Donation: Home Design will liaise with the donation center of your choice and ensure your donation is properly documented.

Set-Back: When you are ready to receive your items back, give us a call; within a 3 day lead time, Home Design’s set-back crew will set your contents back into place. This is done as directed by the property owner and is scheduled at their convenience.

The below Insurance Companies recognize that Home Design has complete focus on maximizing budgeted costs. These companies specifically endorse Home Design as a trusted vendor:

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
Mercury Insurance
Allstate Insurance
Wawanesa Insurance
Electric Insurance
Vanliner Insurance


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


Work with us involve a carefully planned series of steps, centered around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.


We believe in knowledge as power and are dedicated to providing education through our website and interactive online forums with regard to industry standards. As one of the largest content restoration specialists in the Contents Restoration Industry, Home Design has set both customer expectations and industry standards. It is our vision that by continuing to educate home owners and industry professionals to the various processes involved in content restoration; both insured and insurers will save time and money as well as reduce the stress associated with all the variables related to content restoration.


  • Does Home Design provide its services in the city I live?

    Home Design serves the vast majority of districts within Los Angeles. We also serve several urban and rural areas of Southern California including: Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

    Contact us to find out if we serve a city near you.

  • Why should I call Home Design first?

    Home Design is a BBB accredited company and IICRC certified. Call us first, so we can assist with the insurance process and mitigate your loss. We are a “Preferred Restoration Provider” for many national, regional and local insurance companies.

  • What are the different emergency services you offer?

    Water Damage
    Fire Damage
    Storm Damage
    Personal Belongings
    Whole House Cleaning
    Cleanup Insurance Services
    Emergency Sewage Removal Cleanup
    24 Hour Emergency Response
    Water Damage Removal
    Full Damage Assessment
    Water Extraction
    Sewage Cleanup
    Odor Removal
    Disinfecting and Sanitation
    Mold Removal & Remediation

    View our emergency restoration services.

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