Home roof damage  due to broken tree.

Property Home Damage

Since the year 1995, Home Design has specialized in your need for emergency remediation and restoration of content damage caused by smoke, fire, water, sewage, microbial growth (including mold), asbestos, and more. The very first step begins with a full damage assessment of your home or business.For each environmental event that occurs there are different assessment and restoration techniques which must be applied. The personalized damaged assessment forms used by our team provide a specialized checklist germane to the environmental event.

A thorough inspection of the site occurs with you. Each room, each item is documented in both written and digital (with time stamp) mediums. This documentation provides proof of damage, ownership, and transfer to Home Design. In all cases this service is necessary for you to substantiate your claim with Insurance providers.

Assessment does not stop onsite. Once your contents have been packed-out and decontaminated, contents are then evaluated by our restoration experts who will populate a repair vs replacement report for you and your insurance carrier. This cost assessment will be a key to your budgetary considerations, thus expediting the final resolution of your insurance claim.

The entire damage assessment process is an interactive and cooperative process between you, your insurer, and Home Design. Cooperative assessments can accelerate the timeline required to restore your possessions to pre-event condition as well as lower claim costs by keeping idle time and thus the timeline of storage short.

Call Home Design now, our full damage assessment and pack-out crews are on site within two hours of your call. 888-778-8811.

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