Home Contents Pack Out Service

When your home or business has been affected by a catastrophic event, Home Design is on site within two hours of your call to begin the process of protecting your belongings. Home Design has been professionally providing decontamination, secured and temperature sensitive storage, and full restoration services since 1995.

We work with you to triage the site; identifying the items requiring attention.

Both written and digital documentation (with time stamp) of the items being protected are provided to you. This documentation provides proof of damage, ownership, and transfer to Home Design. In all cases this service is necessary for you to substantiate your claim with Insurance providers.

The packing process of the items being transported is in accordance with industry approved standards. The standards and regulatory practices Home Design adheres to are set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate (IICRC), The Restoration Industry Association (RIA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Your belongings will be professionally inventoried into three categories which are outlined below.

Undamaged items will be safely secured until set-back: When you are ready to receive your items back, give us a call; within a 3 day lead time, Home Design’s set-back crew will set your contents back into place. This is done as directed by the property owner and is scheduled at their convenience

Restorable Once further deterioration is remediated your contents are evaluated by our restoration experts who will populate a repair vs replacement evaluation for you and your insurance carrier. This report will be a key to your budgetary considerations, thus expediting the final resolution of your claim.

Total loss: Items considered a total loss are assessed through a verification process then stored awaiting instruction from you or the insurance company.

Contents Donation: Home Design will liaise with the donation center of your choice and ensure your donation is properly documented.

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