Restoration technician restoring wall painting.

Home Design provides contents restoration services on a vast number of items. Whether the items are damaged by water, smoke, fire, mold or other causes, Home Design can clean and repair them if at all possible. Some of the items we commonly restore include:

  • Artwork (including paintings, statues, bronze and metal work, etc.)

  • Garments, tapestries and area rugs

  • Furniture, antiques, pianos and pool tables

  • Electronics, appliances, machinery, etc.

  • Documents (including photos, legal docs, medical files, certificates, etc.)

We are your one-stop shop for everything content related and all of our services are performed in house. Often contents are completely salvageable and able to be restored, making the home owner happy to have their cherished belongings back and saving the insurance companies money. Home Design has been in the restoration business for over 17 years and has a certified Master Restorer on it’s team.

Below are examples of some of the items restored by Home Design:

Artwork, Ceramics & Statues

Furniture, Pianos & Antiques

Photos, Documents & Books

Due to the wide variety of contents that can be affected by a catastrophic event, the mitigation (reducing the impact), remediation (halt of deterioration), and restoration of property to pre-event condition range widely. As well, in each environmental event (e.g. water, fire, microbial growth, storm damage, etc.), there is a realm of scientific techniques and hardware specifically used to achieve content restoration.

Home Design has over two decades of experience (with continuous training) on the most effective processes required allowing us to bring your possessions back to you.

There are contents that are more expensive to replace than repair. Consider electronics as an example. Due to the obsoleting characteristics of technology, depreciation of value occurs. For some electronics, the only replacement item available is likely to be significantly more expense than the insurance settlement. Juxtapose the replacement cost against the cost of restoration. In the case of electronics and many others such as appliances, furniture, leather, machinery, pool tables, stone, rugs, fabrics, and many more; restoration is often a more cost efficient solution.

Then, there are items that cannot be replaced. Again to your electronics…the pictures, files, and other personal or professional data may not be replaceable. Add artwork, antiques, leather, Kodachrome photos, documents, and many more irreplaceable items which can definitely be restored to pre-event condition for less than the cost of replacement.

During our full damage assessment procedures, contents are evaluated by our restoration experts who will populate a repair vs replacement report for you and your insurance carrier.

Home Design’s restoration experts have been intensively and continuously trained in the most cost and time efficient processes. We match the neutralizing agent or procedure with the material affected and how it was affected. Our restoration experts include trained conservators of collections including documentation. We keep costs lower by performing restoration of your artwork, collections, documentation, and more, in-house. By maximizing expenditures within the realm of restoration, you are able to allocate expenditures more effectively to other claim concerns such as structural repair.

Restoration techniques used by Home Design are in accordance with industry approved standards. Some of the standards and regulatory practices Home Design adheres to are set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate (IICRC), The Restoration Industry Association (RIA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which monitors and reports on the efficacy of the products approved by the EPA. The scientific techniques used are not all chemical. When the situation pertains to, for one example, smoke damage, restoration hardware can be more effective in that perhaps ozone or thermal deodorization is the corrective course to take. Ultrasonic cleaning can be used in a wide array of cases. Sometimes simply using high powered fans halt further degradation to contents.

No matter which technique is used, while you attend to preparing your home or business for set-back of your contents, Home Design provides one large area of relief. Whether you are an individual, business, insurance company, or another professional remediation company, since the year 1995 our expertly trained assessment and pack-out crews are on standby status 24/7 and will arrive on location within two hours of your call to 1-888-778-8811.

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